WinApay Review 2020: Scam or Legit

WinApay Review 2020

What is WinApay?

WinApay Review 2020
WinApay Review 2020

WinApay lets you earn money online in Nigeria by answering 10 questions correctly, testing your IQ.

While you make money, you increase your knowledge easily and fast.

This review gives you enough details on how the winapay program works and registration procedures

How WinApay Works

It is very simple. WinApay works in this way: You register, answer questions and get paid. You can play on free mode but you won’t win anything.

When you play on paid mode, you can win up to N5000. The money is paid into your bank account in less than 24 hours. From what we have seen, the questions are not very difficult.

Also, you refer your friends to use WinApay and you  earn N1000!

We know that learning these days requires a lot of motivation and if we have to stir it up, then there must be a benefit and that is why, winApay has upgraded its platform to serve a larger population and it hope to be the world largest community that reward its users for learning.

It is 100% Legit and Easy. Over 1000 people are paid monthly and you can join the numbers too.

How to make money on WinApay

Follow these steps to make money on WinApay

  1. Register
  2. Play a game
  3. WinApay affiliate

Let’s look at them in details.


1. Register

The first step towards making money on WinApay is to register. Click here to register. It is simple. Just provide your full name, email, phone number and choose a password. That is all. You are signed up and ready to make money with WinApay.

2. Play a game

You make money on WinApay by answering questions. It could be sports, politics, science, whatever category or general question. Note that there is free mode. You can play for free just to have fun but you will not make any money. To make money playing, you need to use the paid mode. You have to login to your Winapay account, credit your account with as little as 210 Naira. And you can play and win 2,000 Naira to 5,000 Naira within 2 minutes daily.

You can choose to play the “The Instant Play Plan” where you win 2,000 Naira instantly for answering all 10 questions correctly within 1:40 seconds. Or you choose to play ‘The Daily Play Plan,’ where you get to compete with other users to win N5,000, N2000, and N1,000 daily for answering 10 questions within 5 minutes. You will have a maximum of 5 rounds to play in a day and each round cost 100 Naira.

Whenever you are ready to play, just click on the play button to start playing.

WinApay Review 2020

Warning: Never try refreshing the game when playing and never go back after your time start counting!

Why? Because the system assumes that you are done with the game and will automatically deduct money from your playcash.
The minimum amount of cash you can win on winApay  is 2,000 Naira. You cannot win anything less than that.

3. WinApay affiliate

The fastest way to make money from this program is the through the affiliate program. The Affiliate program is simple, all you have to do is refer people to WinApay and you will get 20% commission every time someone you refer to the program plays a paid game.

Now here is the mind blowing one: You get N1000 for each member who register through your link who becomes an affiliate! That is where the real money comes in.

If you register 100 members as affiliate that will be 100 x 1000 = N100, 000. If you are someone who is hardworking and determined to make money. You register 1000 people as affiliate that will be 1000 x 1000 = N1 million!

So if every month you register 1000 people as affiliate, you will be making up to N1 million every month! And if the people you refer also play games on the platform, you can make even more money!

To activate your affiliate link, you pay N1500 only and you are ready to make money! It works!

Is WinApay legit?

The answer is 100% yes! WinAPay is legit. It is a program you can use and make money. If you follow it well, it can make you a millionaire! Why should you be confident that it is legit?

Well, WinApay payment partners happen to be Paystack. Paystack is Nigeria’s leading online payment solution. To use Paystack on your website is a long procedure. Because paystack is regulated and also checkmate by government.  They have to be certain of legitimacy of any business they accept on their platform. You have to provide your Company registration and all important documents. There is no way paystack will associate with any brand that is not legit. Any brand they have not vetted and find to be credible.

So this shows WinApay is legit and registered.

WinApay Registration Procedures

Winapay Registration is free but you need to Pay their one time N1500 to fully activate your account . Then you can deposit atleast N200 to start answering questions and winning right away.

So how to register?

Follow these steps carefully and register.

First things first.

  1. Click here to Register an account
  2. Fill in your Correct details like Full name, email and phone number and confirm your email
  3. When done, you need to apply to their affiliate program to activate your affiliate account (This earns you N1000 per person you invite)
  4. Just click on the Affiliate Tab and Activate it with N1,500 one time.
  5. Now your Account is Approved automatically and everything is set.
  6. You’re good to go.

You’re all done and you can enjoy yourself making money easily.

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