Twitter Unfollowers App For Android

Twitter Unfollowers App For Android Twitter is an incredible advertising and limited time device for blogging, however just in the event that it is utilized successfully. At the point when I began utilizing Twitter few years back, I thought nothing about the showcasing advantages of Twitter. I was tweeting like a beginner, and following people without the slightest hesitation. After some time, as I came to comprehend the problem of web based life clamor, I started to de-mess my internet based life accounts. To begin with, I got specific about records that I would follow on Twitter. I began unfollowing users who were inert or who didn’t increase the value of my Twitter course of events. I additionally unfollowed numerous people who were not following me back. I still much of the time tidy up my Twitter profile. What’s more, when I do, I start by unfollowing non-followers.

Today I will be sharing a rundown of devices that you can use to discover those Twitter profiles that you are following, yet are not following you back. In the event that you plan to unfollow them, start by addressing these inquiries:

  • Do you appreciate reading their tweets?
  • Do you personally know this specific Twitter user?

On the off chance that your response to either address is truly, at that point continue following those clients. Be that as it may, but if you answer no to both, unfollow them!

So today, I’ll be listing free twitter unfollowers app for android

1. Circleboom

free twitter unfollowers app for android

Circleboom is a Twitter management tool helps you to find right profiles to be followed with its smart-yet-easy-to-use search module.

If you need to unfollow some of your friends, you can use unfollow module on Circleboom. It provides a handful of filters to help you to unfollow the ones not following you back, fake accounts, spammers, eggheads or inactive accounts very fast and effective in comparison to its rivals.

Circleboom covers all the feature that other’s have but with more affordable prices almost half of the closest rival’s price.  One of the differentiating features of Circleboom is RSS Tweets which enables you to connect your website/blog RSS feed to your twitter account.

With its mobile compatible, responsive design, Circleboom makes follow/unfollow tasks fun on the go.

2. CrowdFire

CrowdFire, formerly known as “JustUnfollow”, is one of the best free tool for Twitter to unfollow non-followers. You can sort the non-followers on a variety of factors including date of follow (so those old followers who never followed you back can get the boot). Every day you get to unfollow or follow 25 people for free using CrowdFire.

If you want to increase that daily limit, you can always upgrade to a paid subscription. CrowdFire also offers fully-functional iOS and Android apps, and it is probably the best Twitter management tool I have used on my Smartphone.

twitter unfollowers app for android
twitter unfollowers app for android

3. ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter is a favorite Twitter tool for unfollowing non-followers. The new beta version lets you select multiple Twitter accounts and with one click you can unfollow them.

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There are many other features such as the ability to find fake Twitter followers and the most talkative Twitter followers!  This tool will also let you effectively manage your Twitter account in general. Overall, ManageFlitter is one (free) tool that you will love.

twitter unfollowers app for android

4. Tweepi Geeky Flush

For unfollowing your non-followers, you can use Geeky Flush. As the name suggests, this tool “flushes” the Twitter followers who do not follow you back.

Tweepi is a simple tool, and you can sort through the list and unfollow them one by one. Tweepi is not as fast as ManageFlitter, but it is very visually appealing.

twitter unfollowers app for android

It’s a good idea to use one of these Twitter unfollow tools once in a while to keep your Twitter interface clean. Just be sure not to unfollow the Twitter accounts of blogs and companies, as they hardly ever follow anyone back!

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