The News Court income review, IS TNC paying, IS TNC legit or Scam, See reviews

The News Court income review

The News Court income review
The News Court income review

What Is The News Court?

Well, The News Court also known as TNC is a forum that pays her users for carrying out some activities.

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This is what we will be discussing in this post.

Please Note that this is not an Affiliate Link related article neither is it a Promotional Article.

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Not  long ago, The News Court (TNC) created their Income Program in hope to help Nigerians to deal with their financial problems. Their target aim was on young people, students and members of the middle class who are looking for some alternative or additional monthly income.


TNC has two earning Categories which are the Affiliate and Activity category.

The Activity Category allows participants to earn residual income by simply logging into their accounts on the daily basis, leaving comments, reading news, and sharing specific sponsored posts on their social media.

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The News Court (TNC) shares their monthly ad revenue with people who participate. recognises all the approved registered accounts as affiliates, allowing their owners to earn 66.67% commission on referral. So if someone uses your referral link to register on the website, you will receive 66.67%, which is actually ₦1,000 (registration costs ₦1,500). 

Although, if you have a lot of friends, at least on the Internet, you can capitalise on that by offering them an opportunity to earn a passive income, at the same time profiting from them. That said, NNU claim that this opportunity is not for just anyone, as only people who have a positive mindset and an entrepreneurial spirit can make it. Now, does this sound like a pyramid scheme? Yes, it does. However, we have not been able to find any proof that this is indeed a scam.

How To Earn As An Activity Earner On TNC INCOME

We have explained how to earn as an affiliate, now we are going to explain how to earn as an Activity Earner.

As a member, you can also earn by sharing sponsored post , commenting, viewing post and daily login.

Sign Up Bonus: N200

Sponsored post: N150

Daily login : N100

Commenting: N5 per comment

Viewing Post: N5 per post

Which means you can earn more than N500 in a day pending on the number of posts daily.

But how can you get your money from all this? Well, the payment is disbursed on a daily basis, from 10am to 11am.

That is how you can get your earnings. That said, you cannot withdraw money if your earnings for the month are less than ₦5,000 [Activity Earners] … While for referrals you must have at least ₦3,000 before you can request for withdrawal.

Currently you don’t need to refer before you can be paid.

The site is a user friendly site with a dope users dashboard.

Proofs Of Payment Below :

The News Court income review
The News Court income review
The News Court income review
The News Court income review

You are just one step away from being a millionaire via TNC INCOME click here to REGISTER

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