Rapido Run Smart Contract Review : Scam or Legit

Rapido Run Smart Contract Review

Welcome to my Rapido Run Smart Contract Review and Step by step registration and the likes.

Rapido Run Smart Contract Review

If  you’re on this post then it means you’ve heard of Rapido Run Smart contract hundreds of times on Facebook, email etc… and want to know what the stuff is all about, how Rapido Smart contract works, registration guide etc.

What Is Rapido Run Smart Contract?

Rapido run is a Smart Contract Crypto earnings program that you work from home at your own leisure. There is no time limit or targets or pressure with this program. You may have heard or read about it recently.

How Does Rapido Run Smart Contract Works?

Smart contract of Rapido run works in similar ways like lionshare and forsage.The platform and
the owner program is to help you accumulate ethereum which contain some levels that you will have to register
with some amount of ethereum before you can partake in the ethereum accumulation process. 

How To Earn On Rapido Smart Contract

There are five major ways in which you can earn from Rapido Smart contract and my team got you covered if you register with us.

1. Team Spillovers
These are amount you can get from anyone on the team randomly

2. Overflows
These are dividends you earn from your downlines.

3. System spillover
These are amount you get from the system… Na free money be this, weather you work or not😅

4. Upline
The owner of the Link you register with is your upline. You earn as his downlines when his slots are filled..

5. Downlines
Anobody that register with your link is your downline, you earn their registration fee as their upline. (If you register with my team we will provide downlines for you)

Rapido Run Smart Contract has three packages of which you can earn massively from.

X3 Package

All partners in your slots of the RAPIDO X3 program are your personally referral partners. When you invite partners, they take places under you.
100% of First sales goes directly to your wallet.
100% of Second sale goes directly to your wallet.
Third Sale will go to your superior up line and Reopen your matrix for more earnings.
Reinvest opens the same slot for you again, and you continue to receive income from it.
You must own package to produce commissions ! If you don’t own the package commissions will be passed to your upline or whoever the next person in the line who owns the package.
You are recommended to upgrade to higher packages so not to miss commissions.

X4 Package

RAPIDO X4 is the magical and game changer.Gives profitability with team work.
First & Second sale goes to your superior upline.
3rd, 4th and 5th sales instantly paid to your wallet.
6th sale goes to your superior upline and reopens matrix for you.
This way you will keep on earning unlimited times with
RAPIDO X4 Program

Rapido Run Smart Contract Review

X8 Package

RAPIDO X8 SUPER POWERFUL Matrix with highest Profitability and Team Work Benefits. It gives you highest probability of Spills and overflows.
First two sales will goes instantly to your second level upline.
(Superior upline of your superior upline)
3rd,4th,5th and 6th sales will goes instantly to your superior upline.
7th,8th,9th,10th,11th,12th,13th sales instantly paid to your wallet.
That means you makes 7X profit.
14th sale goes to your superior upline and reopens matrix for you.
This way you will keep on earning unlimited times with
RAPIDO X8 Program

Understanding The Color Codes on Rapido Run Smart Contract

Blue Color : Personal Partner (Invited by you)
Yellow Color : Partners invited by your upline.
Green Color : Partners invited by your downlines.
Pink Color : Partner who overtook uplines. (Those who upgraded before his uplines)

Rapido Run Smart Contract Review

Is Rapido Run Smart Contract A Scam?

No, Rapido Run Smart contract isn’t a scam. Below are the reasons;

  • You can’t be scammed, because all payments go to your Ethereum Wallet straight and not stored on the website.
  • This cannot go down because it’s on the Cryptocurrency called Ethereum and the money you earn is directly in your crypto wallet so even if the website goes down, your money is still in your wallet…unless Ethereum has to close which is not possible right now because its the 2nd most popular Cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, it’s already many years on the market.

How To Register On Rapido Run Smart Contract.

  • Registration fee is 0.03 Ethereum which is $9.33.
  • Download Trustwallet app from playstore(For Android users), Metamask (for Desktop users), Enjin wallet (For Samsung users) and Coinbase (For iPhone users).
  • I will be explaining using Trustwallet app.
  • Create a wallet following the instructions. Securely stored in multiple locations (preferably print) 12 words is a key to access the wallet. In case of loss of keys access to the purse cannot be restored.
  • Fund your wallet with 0.05-0.07 Ethereum (You can chat me up via WhatsApp on +2348105689683 to fund your wallet)
  • After creating your wallet successfully, click this icon below
  • It will then show something exactly like this below, input this link in the “search or enter website url” …
  • After inputting the link wait for it to load, then something like this shows up.
  • Then click purchase …

One of the numerous benefits of joining my team is that we will help you with referrals, as you don’t need to stress yourself.

In this my Lionshare review I have provided all you need to know about it.

So it is now left for you to make a decision whether or not to participate or to stay behind.

You can join my group chat below

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