Longrich Investment Plan Review: Scam or Legit

Hello, i guess you are here to further your research on Longrich investment plan, no need to worry as i have explained in details everything you need to know about longrich investment plan below. Just take your time to read it, you will definitely understand every bit of their investment plan.

Longrich Investment Plan

In this article, we will be considering the following;

What is longrich?

Longrich investment plan

Longrich packages

How do I register with longrich?

Longrich products and their pv

How do you make money with longrich?

How does longrich pay?

What is Longrich?

Longrich is a multinational company that produces quality household items, cosmetics, health care products and they are also into Estate management, furniture and so on. They have been operating since 1986. Now, with this definition you might be asking how does this relate to the investment plan, as we proceed further, you will get to know more.

Longrich Investment Plan

Longrich being a multinational company has created a  platform for which anyone interested can invest in their platform. This is opened to anyone, whether poor or rich. Anyone can invest in their platform as it yields a lot of profit; you will see proofs below. There are several packages longrich created so it wont look as if the investment plan is only for the rich. I, personally people who have become stickenly rich from this investment plan e.g Mrs Mercy Kalu, Mr James Effiong, Uncle Ben, Mr & Mrs Tambou etc.

Longrich Packages

Longrich has 6 different packages, of which they are all dope… loll

Please note that for any package you register for, you get their products, I mean you get Longrich products, oh yeah, isn’t that amazing? Yes it is.

Package 1: You register with N10,050

Package 2: You register with N30,000

Package 3: You register with N75,000

Package 4: You register with N120,000

Package 5: You register with N320,000

Package 6: You register with N750,000

The best part is that you get products worth more than the amount you use to register immediately from your stockiest. Longrich has a lot of stockiest in over 200 countries.

Now, you may be asking, who is a stockist? Hmmmm, good question.

A stockist is a dealer, distributor of  products belonging to a company. Which means a longrich stockist is one who distributes or deals mainly with longrich products. As a stockist, Longrich pays you nothing less than N200,000 monthly, fantabulous. Registration for stockist just cost N3,500,000 and it is a one time payment. The higher the number of persons who get their products from you, the higher you earn, but you earn nothing less than N200,000 monthly. And you also make gain from each products you sell. You see that being a stockist is pretty much profitable.

How do I register with Longrich?

It is very simple to register with longrich. Its preferable to register under someone, called your upline, so that he or she can guide you well. You can chat me up on +2348105689683 via whatsapp to get registered or click here. Please note that only those who register with us will get downlines from us. Which means, you register, while we do the scouting of downlines for you.

Longrich Products And Their PV. 

Below is the pdf file for longrich products and their PV. PV simply means Product Value.

So as a longrich user, anytime you refer someone to buy a product, Longrich pays you. And you know the interesting part, guess, loll, longrich products work well for what the product is specified to do.

How do you make money with Longrich

There are several ways to make money from longrich. If you have patiently been reading my posts from the beginning, you would have discovered that yourself. Loll, I’ll still list them below

  • Depending on the package you registered with, there are certain percentage you earn any time someone registers under you.
  • You also earn from your downline activities.
  • You earn anytime someone buys a product with your code. Which means someone can buy a product anywhere in the world using your code.

How does longrich pay?

There are 7 days in a week, longrich chose a particular day to pay their users. Longrich pays her users every Thursday. Loll, you might be thinking how do they get my account number. During your registration, there is a field for you to fill your Bank account details.

In Longrich, there are travel incentives, houses incentives,car incentives and others.

In longrich, you earn for life. As a member, you have the privilege of buying products at the company’s price and sell it at the retail price of your choice. The profit gained is yours and not the company’s.

 Below are proofs that longrich is 100% legit.

Longrich Investment Plan
Longrich Investment Plan
Longrich Investment Plan
This is Mrs Mercy Kalu Ebe, this is her 4th car from longrich.

I still have alot of proofs to show you that Longrich is 100% legit. Hey friend, you will be making a big mistake, if after reading this, you still didn’t register. Within a year you can be like them. Don’t sleep on this!!!

Longrich is made to bring people to the lime light just by changing your daily products.

One thing you should know is that longrich products are 101% organic.

I believe that with these few words that I have been able to explain everything you need to know about longrich investment plan. Please don’t just read it without doing anything, just in case you need further clarification on it you can chat me up via whatsapp on +2348105689683.

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