Lionshare Tron Smart Contract Review

It is no longer news that James Ward the founder of Lionshare Smart Contract wants to launch Lionshare Tron Smart Contract. Just as the name implies, this smart contract makes use of Tron not ethereum. So i’ll be briefing you on everything you need to know about this Tron smart contract.

Lionshare Tron Smart Contract Review

We are going to cover the following in this article;

  • What is Lionshare Tron Smart Contract
  • How does Lionshare Tron Smart Contract Work
  • Lionshare Tron Smart Contract Compensation Plans
  • How to earn on Lionshare Tron Smart Contract
  • Is Lionshare Tron Smart Contract Legit
  • How to register on Lionshare Tron Smart Contract

What Is Lionshare Tron Smart Contract?

I’ve gone through everything about this stuff, it’s a Multi Level Marketing Business.

Kind of a referral related but here you can earn much more money.


MLM is mainly about matrix, peer to peer related stuffs where you signup with a fee and get people to signup under you and when those people who signup under you refer other people, you still earn and so on.

So for example: Lionshare registration fee in naira is around 3,000 naira (200 TRX) which is equivalent to $6.26 (that’s what anyone who signs up under you will pay, and you(referrer) will be credited half of it (100 TRX) going directly to your tron wallet which will be recorded in your account)

If you refer like 10 people who joins, that’s $6.26 * 10 people = $62.60 earned straight to your tron wallet, so you can sell this tron funds and get money to your bank account asap.

As simple as that.

But there’s more earning opportunity because you can earn more as the people you refer also refer others.

That’s the Logic.

How does Lionshare Tron Smart Contract Work ?

I’m very sure you would have been pondering over this, lolll… Here is how lionshare tron smart contract works;

Lion Share Tron Smart Contract is an established blockchain technology that refers to a type of automated digital contract that is almost unbreakable and unchangeable.

One of the consequences of this is that, if for any reason Lionshare closes its doors or its website, this program would still automatically function.

Lionshare Tron Smart Contract Compensation Plans

Lionshare Tron Smart Contract has two good packages, L1 and L2.

L1 Package;

In this packaage,

Lionshare Tron Smart Contract Review
Lionshare Tron Smart Contract Review
  • Your first two sales also known as referral goes directly to you
  • The 3rd sale, i.e your 3rd referral goes your upline and this will re open your matrix.
  • It,s not necessary you upgrade, but the more you uprade, the more you earn.
  • Also, the more you refer, the more you earn.
L2 Package;
Lionshare Tron Smart Contract Review
  • In the L2 the first 2 sales in your matrix go to your upline.
  • 100% of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th sale are paid directly and instantly to you!
  • The 6th sale goes to your upline and reopens your matrix, so you can continue to earn.
  • You only have to pay one time, but you can earn forever! With Lionshare automatic reopen feature you will continue to earn commissions payments as you refer new members.

How to earn on Lionshare Tron Smart Contract

There are various to earn on Lionshare Tron Smart Contract.

  • Through referring other people to register under you
  • By upgrading to the next level on each of the package
  • Through spillovers from your upline or downline ( This is mostly common in a large team) etc.

My team covers all the listed above ways i.e; we provide referrals for anyone who registers under us… CHAT US HERE NOW

Is Lionshare Tron Smart Contract Legit

Yes, lion share tron smart contract is legit… here are my reasons;

  • It is built on Tron blockchain
  • No Admin is Involved.
  • It is 100% Decentralized
  • No withdrawal request required because payments are automatically transferred to individual wallet directly.
  • Instant Member to Member Payment directly to your wallet by smart contract.

How to register on Lionshare Tron Smart Contract

With just this few steps, you could start earning massively via Lionshare Tron Smart Contract

  • Download Tronwallet from playstore
  • Fund your wallet with 205 Trons … You can chat me up to purchase trons
  • Paste this link on the browser of the tron wallet

Thats all, with the steps listed above, you are just some steps away from being a millionaire.

Please note, only those who registers with our team gets referrals from us.


Please i will plead with you, if you missed Lionshare Smart Contract, please do not miss this Lionshare Tron Smart Contract.

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